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Our Kanata team is proud to be able to offer specialized foods to our patients. Whether your pet has allergies or you are looking to improve their oral health, we can develop a personalized diet plan.

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Nutrition Tailored To Your Pet's Needs

Depending on your pet's, breed, age and overall health status, their nutritional needs and preferences will be significantly different. Your companion's diet can't be a one-size-fits-all - just like your own day-to-day nutrition isn't.

Many pets have special health conditions or are in an age bracket that means they have particular dietary needs. Your dog or cat deserves the best possible care in every aspect of their life.

Whether your pet's diet needs to change in response to an emerging health issue or is proactively altered to avoid long-term health issues, our Kanata veterinary team is here to help.

Nutrition Counseling, Kanata Vet

Nutritional Consultations

In the course of your pet's normal routine care, our team will speak with you about their dietary needs and what kinds of changes to their daily nutrition we would recommend.

Certain foods work best as part of your pet's preventive healthcare program - encouraging health in your companion's joints, digestive tract, or mouth.

Preventive Care

Food Features

Hills t/d Dental Food

Hill’s t/d for dogs and cats aims to help improve and maintain the oral health of pets.

We recommend Hill’s T/D for dogs and cats. This diet has a larger kibble size and a special design that allows the teeth to be cleaned all the way to the gum line. Dogs and cats love to chew, and by eating this diet it helps clean the plaque off the teeth at every meal!

Ask us about whether this prescription dental food would be suitable for your dog or cat at your next appointment!

How can specialized nutrition help my pet?

Tailoring your pet's daily food intake to their specific needs can help address concerns you might have with your pet's nutrition and health.

It can also help you:

  • Manage food allergies
  • Support your pet's energy levels and digestion
  • Control health conditions such as diabetes
  • Prevent long-term health issues such as dental disease

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